Zoltán Szilágyi

I'm a full stack web developer and data scientist

Who Am I

Zoltán Szilágyi

I am a full stack web developer and data scientist based in Munich with over 15 years experience in web development and data science.

I have and had the honor to work on multiple very interesting and really high-tech projects involving finance mathematics, simulations, data science and a lot of research for interesting challenges.

I love my job and what I do every day: to use programming to really solve problems that make our life much better than before.

I develop also my personal project that I am really passionate about: Investonom.com. On this project I use the newest technologies and programming techniques to solve finance, liquidity problems and simulations. It is actually interesting to apply mathematics and technology that aggregate real banking data transactions using the European Union PSD2 directive. My algorithms sum up the creditor and debtor data for every year and month, automatically categorize and recognize patterns that are recurrent or eventually data anomalies. Over the real banking data, my tool simulates also possible credit calculations, so that if somebody would like to see what happens if he/she alters the current status quo, than what happens in the short and long term. For me, who loves the numbers and algorithms, I find it really amazing, how fast numbers are calculated and how helpful this information can be for better financial decisions.

To make my research projects possible I needed not only very reliable and scalable linux servers, but also many years of experience to fit each peace of technology perfectly together just like it would be a puzzle. In the last years I have multiple times reimplemented and adopted the latest tools, that potentially could really serve millions of customers in the same time and still be able to monitor traffic and security using highly scalable databases and big data queries.

Technical Competencies

Programming languages

Java, Python, JavaScript.

Frameworks, APIs and Tools:

Java World: Spring Boot, Java EE, Java SE, EJB, JPA, Hibernate;

Web Services / Microservices: JAX-RS (REST), JAX-WS (SOAP);


Docker: Dockerfile, Compose, Registry;

AWS, Digital Ocean Droplets; UX, Typography, Responsive Web Design, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS;

Javascript: Vue JS, Angular.js, JQuery, Node.js; Bootstrap;

Build Systeme: NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack;

Databases, Servers:

Oracle (10-12c, XE), PL/SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, H2 etc;

Wildfly, Jboss, Websphere Liberty, Weblogic, TomEE.

Continuos Integration and Deployment:

Git / GitLab / Github, Sonar, Jenkins / Jenkins pipelines, Docker;

Java build tools: Ant, Maven; Editoren: Eclipse, Sublime Text mit Emmet Plugin etc.

Continuos Integration and Deployment:

Git / GitLab / Github, Sonar, Jenkins / Jenkins pipelines, Docker;

Java build tools: Ant, Maven; Editoren: JetBrains Tools, Sublime Text mit Emmet Plugin etc.

Reverse Proxy, SSL Certificates, Cryptography:

Nginx configuration with LetsEncrypt SSL Cerfificates, Load Balancing etc.

Data Science, Analytics:

ELK Stack: Log Stash, Elastic Search, Kibana; Python, Jupyter Notebook;


LaTEX, AsciiDoc / AsciiDoctor and Plugins (z.B. for UML Diagrams)

My own brands and products

Investonom(www.investonom.com): InvestonomWeb and InvestonomFX.

My Portfolio Of Solutions


Investonom is the perfect tool that helps you to review and plan your finances. With some very easy and straightforward steps you can analyze and optimize your financial situation and plans for future.

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InvestonomFX is the desktop implementation of the Investonom solution. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.


Finance Mathematics

Implementing new ideas using fast prototypes. I think Python and JupyterLab are simply the best tools for Mathematics and Research. I like to fail fast and to fail forward, than do it again and again until something is almost perfect.

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Website Security

After analyzing the web site logs you get better idea how internet really works, who are your real customers and what are they really doing with your products. Without analyzing your logs is like you are blind in the middle of the highway.

Knowing the customers using analytics

With correct and real time analytics you receive a correct image about your customers. If you know your customers than you can make even better products for them.